Diaschau und Gespräch über das Refugee Camp The Jungle of Calais

Heute, ab ca. 18:30 werden wir im Höhmannhaus nach der »Revolutionären Gebäckbeförderung« (beginnt 14h – Willkommen zum Verzieren von Plätzchen und Keksen mit unseren Botschaften an die Augsburger*innen !) einen Diavortrag von Menschen, die im Jungle of Calais waren, zeigen.
»The biggest refugee camp of Europe since the second world war. I came here for a four day project and I decided to stay longer when I saw with my eyes how much these people need help. I became a volunteer in the camp, with the L’auberge des Migrants and it has been one of the most interesting experiences in my life. Everyday some people leave and more people arrive, with the same needs: food, clothes, shoes, tents, sleeping bags. Our daily job is to provide them as much as we can. Another incredible team is building wooden houses and give them wood to build their own places. We are doing our best but it seems that it’s never enough and the need never ends. It’s getting cold and the work doesn’t stop. It’s a mix of terror and beauty. Terror in these miserable conditions in which these people have to live these days, beauty in the sense of community and the hope to find a better life soon far from the war. I hear everyday: „I just want a normal life in a save place.“

I feel really thankful for being here surrounded by amazing people, volunteers and refugees who believe that little changes can make a huge difference !«

Elisabete Maisao /
© photographs from the Jungle of Calais and Dunkerke, France