Away from stiff and static institutions, we widen the right of contribution and co-construction of our living space. No theater, no city hall, no congress hall, but places and spaces that are left over, not (yet) used, that provide chances for encounters other than the wellknown ones.An undace turns into the stage of a public dialogue. Children, neighbors, workers and bored ones, creators, refugees, mediators: How do we want to live together – instead of co-existing – today and tomorrow?We want to ask for people about social insecurities. There is no plan – there is only radical openness. Carrying nothing but a few methods, we take the risk of »SHIFTING PLACES« and improvising meeting points.



Travel on. Get to know Augsburg further, have unknown people show you around, leave your comfort zone, open your eyes and feel. Take detours, take a walk, take pictures, collect impressions and expressions, say Hi to someone you don’t know and start talking.We want to shape the unseen beauty of detail, set accents, see what happens and how the environment reacts. The city is our public stage, on which we feel free to work on our cosmopolitan reality.We are taking the risk of „SHIFTING PLACES«. We are searching for little loopholes to think together about life in the city. Today and tomorrow: we want tspective for all of us. What does city mean for you? What do you dream of?We are interested in places that don’t belong to estds of cultural production and city image marketing. We want to move to the outskirts, to places where you can actually experience cosmopolitan reality. „SHIFTING PLACES« to change perspectives.

Various urban contexts will be explored together. Let’s redliving, working and leisure. Let’s reinvent luxury and revisit places that are turning into inclusive urban spaces. City is the place that belongs to all of us – let’s try to experience it with all senses.



We want to invite everyone to take part, to ask, answer and listen – we want to thematize and visualize wishes, doubts, visions and fears in a public dialogue. How can democracy be lived today, by us? The answers can be planted on walls, painted on streets and performed on squares.New skills and knowledge will be published and made accessible and urban needs will be dy the people living here. We want to explore and share methods for an inclusive city development and add new input to the common attempts of partic-ipatory city development.


Hier findest du eine Übersicht der geplanten Aktionen. Einige werden kurzfristig bekanntgegeben, andere einfach unangekündigt passieren.


SHIFTING PLACES builds upon previous actions and interventions in Augsburg. Through its actions during summer, the Grandhotel Cosmopolis expands its own radius every year for participative creation in the urban space.

chronical excerpt

2011 Renovation of the building, permission for conversion,temporary living space for creators

> 2012 Opening of hotel, lobby-bar, culture evst residents in theaccommodation for refugees (managed by the government)

>> 2013 Balcony Theatre »Protest/Test«

>> 2014 Quartertransformation »Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Parcours«

>>>2015 C* as »Grandhotel Cosmopolis Peace Conference« in public space

2016 Nomadic space for dialog »SHIFTING PLACES« in the urban area of Augsburg


The working collective deals with processes of space creation within the Grandhotel Cosmopolis context:> transdisciplinary cooperation (architecture, visual arts, urban geography, social and cultural studies, philosophy, design, performative research, craftsmen and all other we really need)

> think tank, impulses for concrete interventions in urban space / partner in processes of space acquisition

> reflexion and documentation of events and actions in urban contexts

> method and format developments

> (hyper)regional networks and transnational collaborations

> theoretical input for practical use in collaborative urban creation processes

»We address people who are willing to understand their right to create their city/(semi-)public surrounding for social change.”.«




The base for our actions within the THINKING SPACES collective is the interaction of doing (intuitively) and thinking (rexively) in situations that we arrange in order to test, play and rect social processes of creating space, so that they can be experienced within a larger radius as well. This procedure is interesting for other collectives, associations, projects and actors in the city, in science, politics, arts and other disciplines; therefore, we are often asked to explain how we work. The SHIFTING PLACES provides the possibility for all those who are interested to experience how we work. Moreover, the participation in a project gives you the chance to learn from each other.

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