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Lose your focus.

Over and over again. Search for a task. Be self-determined. There is no one who will take your hand and lead you through the jungle. But there are many, who can help you to find your way when you get lost. You just have to ask – because everybody here loses their focus. Over and over again.

Or maybe not. As a good friend told me: The focus, it is you. It is not possible to lose it, because it’s always there – only sometimes you are not able to see it anymore. So keep going, question, laugh, enjoy, cry, turn it upside down and inside out. Spin around and run straight ahead and keep looking in every direction even above you and on the ground. But withal don’t forget yourself. Find your limits or overgo them. Explore yourself and go further until you might suddenly realize – you went too far. Get to know yourself differently and discover your mistakes in the mirror image.


You might reach this place and seek for structure. And you grasp into meenanaranathe void. You might be swamped. Let yourself go, try to float around and live. Find your own way.

You will discover the structure somewhere along – within the void you will recover something, which is way more than timetables, duties or functions. I can’t tell you what it is. Because it’s never the same. Because it’s different for everybody. Perhaps it’s something like your own creativity, perhaps it’s something like a community, like a place where you are appreciated – with all your mistakes. A place, where you learn to accept others the way they are.

Seek for your own imagination.

And talk about it. Reflect, critizise, question and realise what is arising from within you.


We are all hoteliers in Grandhotel Cosmopolis.

Our positions, backgrounds, ideas and characters couldn’t be more different, but we all share the common interest to keep our home a welcoming and a loving place for everyone.

We want to open up the processes which are already taking place here for individuals who want to share their ideas, express their needs or who have questions that we might discuss together.

We don’t see ourselves as capable of integrating anyone because we believe that it is not possible to get integrated by other people. But we can try to support you to find out where, what and how you can realize what you have in mind.


We want to support people who want to take part here especially for a longer time, like volunteers or interns, but also people who are already here and want to involve themselves more in the Cosmopolitan reality. We also try to find out what ideas and questions there are, when you work at the bar, when you cook the lunch, when you give German lessons, when you write about the project, when you find friends in the house, when you drink a coffee or a tea, when you dance at concerts, when you book a room or get in touch with the Grandhotel Cosmopolis in any way.

We chose to be here because we care about this place and the people who are part of it and we want to give our support to the development of the project. We would love to invite you for a tea in our kitchen, because we live here, like many do. Come to see us, tell us your story.

We want to create a way to securely and safely bring in new ideas and be part in our current transition process. We want to create a platform where you can get access to information about taking part in the social sculpture in the heart of Augsburg.


Name °Alien Collective°

Who Come, join us!


Contact Email available pretty soon / For now, just find us in GHC

Fields Communication, People, Interface, Connection

al·ien [ˈeɪliən]: different from what you are used to.