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The textiles manufactory is intended as more than just a pleasant leisure activity. We wish to create something that goes beyond purely material products.

Equipped with a range of materials and inspired by techniques from around the globe, we can find an easy and informal way of interacting with one another. The textiles manufactory promotes transcultural learning and work that transcends boundaries. The workshop is searching for a temporary laboratory in which we can experience creativity in practice and better understand the value we place on work in different situations.

The act of fashioning clothing or textiles ourselves teaches us that these can be adapted to suit our own needs. Questions of individuality and self-representation are raised, inspiring us to create things for our own use. In the sewing manufactory, we discover just how much time goes into completing a single item and what kinds of mistakes we might encounter. This in turn makes us think about the literal sea of clothing available to us – and the astoundingly low prices we pay. How do we value work which we carry out willingly in contrast to the work that others perform to ensure their survival?

In cooperation with Textilmuseum Augsburg.

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