Entfällt: Dinner // L.A.-Berlin-Kopenhagen

Foto: Sibilla Calzolari

DINNER ist krank! Leute wir sind tottraurig, aber unser Künstler des Abends liegt im Bett. Das Konzert muss leider ausfallen. Kommt gern trotzdem auf ein Bierchen in unsere Café-Bar vorbei… wir freuen uns über Gäste.


Dinner is the alias for Danish producer and singer Anders Rhedin. Dinner leads a nomadic existence, dividing his time between LA, Berlin and Copenhagen. In the last two years, he has put out three EPs and a guided meditation tape.

One could argue that there’s something inherently idiosyncratic about Dinner’s music—like the world’s most unlikely pop artist. Sometimes Dinner sounds like a long-lost mixtape from the local Dusseldorf  pop scene in the early 1980s. Other times he sounds something like the soundtrack to David Lynch directing Miami Vice, or Genesis P-Orridge embracing Italian pop-infused Danish darkwave, or like a male descendant of Nico singing Eno-esque pop songs on discarded Julian Cope tracks.

Does Dinner see himself as a pop star from a parallel universe, as one blog recently suggested he might be? “I’m more like the village idiot singing stadium rock hymns,” he says.



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