Džezvica // Prag

Džezvica [ʤezvɪtsa] is a young musical group from Prague, drawing inspiration for their music from rhythms of Balkan peninsula and its surroundings. However the band’s style is far from the typical    idea of Balkan brass – although influenced by it, they play the songs in their own characteristic way. It is partly because of Džezvica’s line-up: accordion, guitar, cajon, cello, viola, clarinet and flute.

The band performs songs from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia as well as Hungarian, Romanian and Greek ones, all in original arrangements. Each group member comes from a different musical background, ranging from classical to world music, swing, gospel or folklore – all having an impact on the music of Džezvica.

The musical repertoire varies from mellow ballades to energetic dancy rhythms. Džezvica’s most favorite genres include Bulgarian and Macedonian folk songs, Bosnian sevdah and ilahie or gypsy music. Their distinctive sound comprises fusion of European and Oriental music, characterful woman vocal harmonies and dynamic odd rhytms.

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