Le Grand Market // market, food, culture

Le Grand Market – Saturday, 16.12., from 4 – 8pm

It’s time to clean up your cellars and make some extra cash for the holidays!
Reserve your place in our artistic flea market!
Bring your old and dusty belongings to life again!

Wanna get some special Christmas gifts for the beloved ones?! Come over and check it out!

Different handcraft techniques from all over the world and things at second-hand are awaiting you: recycled lamps, jewellery with Brazilian stones, recycled bags from Senegal, hand made Christmas cards and more…

We are looking forward to see you there!

Book your table: juci.mudeomundo@gmail.com

The market will take place downstairs in the restaurant and in front of the lobby, so we have limited space – so please get in touch soon!


***live @ Le Grand Market

The Interstellar Traveler – Circus show

An enigmatic traveler brings you on a trip around your imagination, a (hard to) open door on another world, full of surprises. This fine mix between juggling, contact, mime and music enables us to defy physic laws; experimenting teleportation, discovering weird fauna, and sometimes trying to escape from an unknown danger, Hugo Fonfon brings you in his Interstellar Travel, full of loud colors and bright sounds.

A 30 minute mix between circus, theatre, music and dancing will bring you in the reunion between 2 beings from different worlds.

Click here to reach the Facebook page of The Interstellar Traveler.


Le Snobs from Hamburg – Samba, Bossa-Nova, Choro

  Click here to reach the Facebook page of the band.



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