Live in Concert: FAZI 法 兹 乐 队

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FAZI formed in February 2010 in the ancient capital of Xi’an. Their Chinese name 法 兹 (pronounced “fah-ze”) is a transliteration of their original name, the Fuzz.

Pretty desolate, musically speaking, the city of Xi’An had little to offer back in the day and FAZI quickly turned to Beijing for the recording and production of their first album, released on Modern Sky Records.

Their first album was an impressive debut which showed that they were a gem in the rough, and helped them gain attention from all over China. This success lead to FAZI signing over to Beijing based indie label Maybe Mars, where they continued to fine-tune their far East darkwave sounds.

Since, they have released 2 studio albums and toured China, Europe and the USA to much acclaim.



FAZI’s music brims with abundant vitality, moves its audience from the inside, stirring anger in their calm. On stage they’re like a perpetual motion machine, relentlessly generating captivating noise. Their lyrics are layered like a palimpsest over a guitar sound like a smoldering explosion and a powerful rhythm section. Their music points directly to your heart, simply but forcefully.

Through their music, FAZI tirelessly seek their own version of „the East“.


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