Live in Concert: Indi, French_concession & Mo Chan


‚indi‘ is the moniker of Christchurch-based artist Indira Force, who writes using a combination of electronic and classical instrumentation, with a signature sound that relies on intricate details and Multi layered structures. She released her debut album ‚Precipice‘ on September 22nd 2017, comprising of 8 eclectic tracks that she composed and produced over the course of two and a half years.

Indi is also known for her work with the Christchurch based trip-hop band Doprah [Arch Hill Recordings], which garnered international traction and acclaim at the time. She started with the group as a co-writer at only 19 in 2013, and they were nominated for awards at VNZMA the following year. Indi is also a composer for screen and continues to work within this field more and more. Her work in film often contains string arrangement-based themes or ambient-electronic elements. She is currently finishing her tour for her album in New Zealand.

Mehr Musik von Indi findet ihr auf Soundcloud. Und hier geht’s zur Facebookseite der Künstlerin.



French_concession is a solo art-pop project of Ella Chau Yin Chi started in Shanghai in 2009. Her tightly woven and dreamy music scapes reflect the influence of her widespread travels, fusing her Hong Kong & New Zealand roots. Her tracks has been featured on alternative music radio stations in Montreal, Berlin, Melbourne, Austria, UK & New Zealand. In 2015, the track ‘To Be Free’ was selected to be in the 1st Female: Pressure compilation via the Berlin based Reveller Records.

This year, French_concession will be releasing her 5th EP through the Wellington based label Ball of Wax, and a single on the UK based label Chinabot. She is selected from over 100 acts to be part of this year’s Hong Kong Ear Up Music programe.

Besucht French_concession auf Facebook und auf Soundcloud.


Mo Chan

Mo Chan, sometimes DJ Kohlrabi, is a Berlin based DJ dreaming of fearless world. She mixes tasteful and unusual art/experimental pop gems that brings listeners to exotic places. Experience of a Mo Chan’s DJ set is described as – Hearty wind hugs you and you are floating in the air. Shiny sounds reflect in the space, where people become friends. Mo Chan has been featured on varies online Radios show such as Female Frequencies and recently played at Arkaoda and Loophole in Berlin.



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