Live in Concert: Orchestre Les Mangelepa

The latest signing of London’s label of quality Strut is a sensation: Orchestre Les Mangelepa are taking you back to a time when Congolese Rumba dominated the airwaves and dance floors almost all over Africa. Founded 41 years ago by Congolese musicians in a Kenyan exile, this group was once Nairobi’s most popular dance band, penning hit after hit. Nowadays they are the last working outfit left from the high times of the large East African orchestras, which makes the title of their brand-new album „Last Band Standing“ more than appropriate. Their concerts in which their laid back music is being anchored by the bitter-sweet 3-part harmony vocals of original singers Evany, Macky and Vivy are still an amazing experience.

Listen to the group’s brand-new album here.



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