Live in Concert: Payambó

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PAYAMBÓ from Colombia. A musical group that interwaves the Afro-Colombian traditional music such as Cumbia, Mapale, Puya (among others) with Rock. In other words is a fusion that has special emphasis in the roots of the Colombian folklore, to this merger we call it „Rocklore“. From 2009 and going through different International Festivals such as Rock al Parque 2016 (Colombia), 26° International Festival of Arts and Culture Quimera 2016 (México), Festival Noches Latinas 2017 (Paris), Colombia Festival 2017 (Frankfurt), SXSW2018 (Usa), Landjuweel Festival 2018 (Amsterdam), among others, Payambó has became into a strong exponent of the new Colombian music.



Mehr Musik von Payambó findet ihr auf soundcloud.

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