Live in Concert: The Brother Moves On

ab2hLzUO „..what better way to celebrate our former statemen and humanitarian than playing at a funky refugee hotel for peoples whose needs have been put last. The Brother Moves On and Grand Hotel Cosmopolis present a free Mandela Day gig, bring friends, bring family and celebrate the human family.“ TBMO

The Brother Moves On (TBMO) got tired of of the idea of being a band and embraced a multi-aestetic multi-disciplinary concept of a collective happening to new spaces and places.

“ Re-challenging hip hop’s five pillars (MCing, DJaying, B-boying, graffiti writing and knowledge of self) into a conceptechnic performance art project that incorporates historical, political and sociological perspectives” the collective hopes to remind and be reminded of the worth of its art.

The Brother Moves On began as a self-proclaimed art movement mainly of graphic and fine artists and since began incorporating instrumentalists for the live performance environment. The name The Brother Moves On is a grammatical misconfiguration of The Brother Mouzone, a fictional character in the American television drama series The Wire. In their emerging stages, the movement interrogated the notion that members were each an impermanent part of the process. Hence the derivation of the name The Brother Moves On.

“The Brother’s sound is a tradition-trouncing trans-Atlantic Afro-centric futuristically ancient fusion that jack knifes between offworld spectral dub-metal, hyperrhythmic rock psychedelia, indie-township and astro-afro-free-jazz.”

Having completed two EP’s (The Golden Wake + ETA) and one full length album (A New Myth) the collective are in the process of taking their latest work The Brother Burns the Bullion around the globe. The collective have grabbed the attention of CNN, The Telegraph UK and The Mail and Guardian and the Guardian(UK). The collectives accolades so far are Rolling Stone Magazines best live act (2012 and 2013), “Hossanna off a New Myth voted into Sunday Times “The greatest 100 South African songs” and being the second band to be voted onto The Mail and Guardians Top 200 Young South Africans.

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