Marina Fages & Lucy Patané LIVE

Marina Fages & Lucy Patané LIVE

Creative duo from Buenos Aires.

Folk music of delicate, mystic but modern spirit, on South American traditional instruments, creating a complex piece of sound Exploration.

Marina Fages sings, composes and plays the guitar, but is also a visual artist. Lucy is a well-known musician and producer, showing expert skills of different instruments. Lucy and Marina met during highschool playing in hc-punk bands of Buenos Aires‘ underground scene. A couple of years later, they crossed paths one more time in a project initiated by Lucy Patane with Marina Fages’s songs. This project transformed their untainted punkness into a folkish desire to become one with the mountains. It’s name was El Tronador. In June 2013 Lucy & Marina concocted their next adventure: a new album „El Poder Oculto“ in which they could experiment with folklore and new instruments.



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