MitMachWerkstatt-27.04: Post industrial design workshop with Juan- An open call to create Interior/exterior furniture out of new/old motorcycle tires.

According to statistics from the World Health and Environment Organization, the world’s scrap tires number are more than 3 billion and are expected to increase at a rate of one billion per year.

As solution for this reality, we offer our new workshop: the possibility to treat this massive raw material to create a furniture piece through reuse and design. 

Join us!

Background: during the design process we will discuss some facts related with tire producction. For example, which is the environmental impact behind the massive production of tires?, what are the material properties of this object? and, what are new possible functionalities?

Context: This object was designed in 2003 by Juan Uribe (  Win a prize as the best Eco-design product by the Environment ministry. In 2007 got the 5th place prize during the 100 best design contest of the year in Colombia. In 2010 had a special prize during the European Week of Waste, an event launched from the Catalan Waste Agency. Also in 2013 had a special successful workshop for kids and adults during the Barcelona Design Week.

 Facts for the workshop:

-The workshop will be repeated in several moments if the capacity is full. Book your place if you want to take part of it now or in the future.

-The workshop will be conducted in English.

-Kids has to be supported by adults.

-Cost of materials: 10€

-Credits of the photo:  / @memoria_raval

Book your Space at:

Many thanks to our supporters for this project to make ist possible:

—> Deutsche Postcodelotterie.

—> Die Anstiftung.

—> Büro für gesellschaftliche Integration Augsburg. buero-fuer-migration-interkultur-und-vielfalt/foerderung-von-ideen-und-vorhaben-zum- interkulturellen-zusammenleben



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