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over the last ten years or so, oldseed has become somewhat of an anti-hero/ legend for the truly indie-minded folk in the music world. eschewing all the „ego-trappings“ of the industry (publicists, record labels etc.) c. bjerring (oldseed) set out to incorporate the philosophy of the 80’s d.i.y. movement (sst, discord) and go back even further musically to the bardic tradition (woody guthrie et al).

bjerring grabbed his acoustic guitar and started writing and recording within the confines of what his resources would allow. he started with burning cd’s of his first two records and hand stamping the covers. and he started to gig and gig and gig. to date, oldseed has played about 1200 shows. he’s played everywhere from kitchens to concert halls. 28 countires and counting!

oldseed has inspired others to follow his lead of „strip down and gig“. england’s tim holehouse, italy’s gipsy rufina and finland’s slackbird have all sighted oldseed as their inspiration to get out there.

oldseed has since released 7 albums in total (plus a live cd and a split 7″). all records have been pressed on vinyl on bjerring’s dime.





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