Pullup-Orchestra *live

»Musik« //

The 10 piece Pullup Orchestra provides it with their «BRAP» an unbelievably explosive mixture of brass band sounds and Hip Hop – to inspire audiences of all ages!


/// Yeah, das wird heiß! Vorher in den Kanal gesprungen, kann man beim Konzert im Schatten der großen Kastanien mit einem kühlen Getränk locker weiter hüpfen und perfekt in den C* Abend starten… ab 19 Uhr dann leckerstes Essen von Sibil und Lena »PEACE DELUXE« in Abendgarderobe… und anschließendes Lagerfeuergespräch mit Kapitäin Stefan Schmidt… ///

Trumpets, trombone, saxophone, snare and bass drum provide themselves with rapper Samwhaa! a battle of rhythms and sounds – A firework of sounds that dashes over the borders of the stage and makes people feel good. The voice of Valérie Maerten aka Mellow Dee gives her singing with the music of Pullup Orchestra ease and that little bit extra. It is their energetic and joyful appearance during their live concerts that has a contagious and joining effect on thier audience.

Prestigious gigs at the Fusion Festival Berlin, Montreux Jazz Festival or the Openair St. Gallen among others and innumerable airplay on foreign Radio Stations are proof that the Eastern-Swiss-German dialect doesn’t keep anyone from international success, as long as it has punch.

Alles zu »Musik« im Rahmen der Grandhotel Cosmopolis Peace Conference 2015.




Uhrzeit Uhr bis Uhr

Ort C* / auf der Wiese zwischen Provino Club und TIM

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