von Suvi Ermilä & Aapo Raudaskoski

Suvi Ermilä & Aapo Raudaskoski Utopia room

Utopia Hotel Room is a permanent intervention located in the Grandhotel.

What do you really want?

Seems to be one of the most important questions to put,
 and at the same time most difficult to answer.
 It refers to our personal utopia – on an individual, societal, global level. This room provides a space for the question
and a platform to share your answers and dreams with others
 who stayed here before you, or will stay in the future.

Utopia Hotel Room is a UTOPIA TOOLBOX project by Suvi Ermilä and Aapo Raudaskoski. During the process of making the room we were carpenters, designers, schoolmates, tourists, construction workers, cleaners and very inspired new friends of the Grandhotel community.